Regione Piemonte


Amici di Mujwa Onlus

Address: Via Pralormo, 13, 14010 Cellarengo AT, Italia
The association offers its help to children in Kenya. Social Facebook

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Associazione My Wine

Address: Via Aldo Moro, 16, 14010 Cellarengo AT, Italia
International association dedicated to the recovery and enhancement of autochthonous vineyards. Social Facebook

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Cellarengo Civil Protection

Address: Via Circonvallazione, 2, 14010 Cellarengo AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 935123
Voluntary association. Mainly deals with prevention and restoration following disasters in the municipal territory of belonging. Uncover re...

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Fritto Mistico

Address: 14010 Cellarengo AT, Italia
Cultural association.

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I Tulipani

Address: Strada Menabo, 3, 14010 Cellarengo AT, Italia
Tel: 347 6907048
Stable with large boxes, paddock, outdoor court, a track, a rod, a small cross-country course and a covered riding school. Social Facebook

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Pro Loco of Cellarengo

Address: Via Circonvallazione, 22, 14010 Cellarengo AT, Italia
Tel: 339 2879398
Association of promotion and development of the territory. Pro Loco typical dishes Soused tenches Hot tripe with onions (biséca) So...

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